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Friday, October 11, 2013

Kick Butt Legs and Core

This was a great lower body workout that we did for the Get Fit for United Way campaign last Thursday, October 3. It was an indoor workout and these ladies worked hard! 

Kick Butt Legs and Core

30 seconds of each exercise
- walking jacks
- marching in place
- walking knee raises
- walking butt kicks
- squats
- jumping jacks
- running on the spot
- high knees
- butt kicks
- jump squats

1 minute water break

Kick Butt Legs
- 60 seconds full squats
- 30 seconds low squat pulse
- 60 seconds around the world lunges (each leg)
- 30 seconds mountain climbers
- 30 second water break

Kick Butt
- army crawl (up to 10 and back down)
- kneeling glute series - 10 of each 
       -- butt blasters (knee and ankle bent to 90° and raising sole of foot up to ceiling and bring knee back down to floor)
       -- fire hydrants (keeping knee bent, lift leg using hip out to the side, like a dog using a fire hydrant and lower)
       -- straight leg pulse (leg straight out behind, lifting and lower pointed toe)
- repeat other leg
- army crawl (up to 10 and back down)

1 minute water break

Kick Butt Core
- 15 side laying hip abductions (think Jane Fonda!)
- 5 slow side laying hip circles
repeat other leg

Bikini Core Series
- 10 slow double leg lowers
- 10 reverse crunches
- 10 crunches
- 10 slow bicycles
- 10 dead bugs
- v-sit hold with 10 "breathing arms"
- 10 russian twists
- 10 second low plank


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