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Monday, October 21, 2013

Cardio and Core

Last week for the Get Fit for United Way campaign, we focused on the cardiovascular system, and well as strengthening the core, or abdominal muscles. Tuesday's class was outside in the river valley and the ladies were warm in no time!

Cardio and Core
everything is for 30 seconds unless otherwise stated
perform grouped exercise back-to-back; only resting when specified
    - this will ensure your heart rate stays elevated throughout workout

- jumping jacks
- mountain climbers

30 second rest

- crunches
- reverse crunches

30 second rest

- high knees
- burpies
- right plank
- front plank
- left plank

30 second rest

- mountain climbers
- plank jacks (low plank)
- v-sit crunches
- russian twists

30 second rest

- jump lunges
- butt kicks
- full sit-ups
- bicycles
- slow scissors (supine)
- 60 second front plank (high or low)

30 second rest

REPEAT ALL one more time!!


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