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Monday, October 21, 2013

Cardio Kick and Ab Burner

As I created this post, I see that it is my 99 blog post!!! Very exciting! I think the next workout will focus on "100"... Thoughts??

As mentioned in post #98, Cardio and Core, last week's Get Fit for United Way campaign, we focused on the cardiovascular system and core, or abdominal strengthening. Thursday's workout was inside; first we got warmed up by focusing on the cardio system, then kept our heart rates elevated and the sweat pouring as we concentrated on our abdominal and glutes using our mats!

Cardio Kick and Ab Burner!

Cardio Kick

30 seconds each
- jumping jacks
- jump squats
- mountain climbers
- butt kicks (running on the spot)

30 second rest

30 seconds each
- high knees
- plank jacks (low plank)
- speed skaters
- push-ups

30 seconds rest

30 seconds each
- burpies
- mountain climbers
- tuck jumps
- wall sit

30 seconds rest

Ab Burner

- 60 second toe touches
- 60 second russian twists
- 30 second low plank
- 60 second side plank (30 second/side)
- 60 second bicycles

30 second rest
repeat Ab Burner for a total of 3 rounds!!

Butt Burner
alternate right and left leg for each exercise before moving to the next

- 60 second/leg butt blaster
- 60 second/leg fire hydrants
- 60 second/leg straight leg glute pulses

30 second rest
repeat Butt Burner for a total of 2 rounds!


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