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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wednesday, September 4 Lunchtime Boot Camp

Today marked the first boot camp session of September, but it sure did not feel like Fall. It was a beautiful warm and sunny day in the river valley!

This week's workout was Wake Up Your Muscles!

(60 seconds each)
High knees
Jumping jacks

Full Body Circuit
(60 seconds each x 2 rounds)
1) Cobra push-up begin on ground with hands directly under shoulders and feet wider than hip width. Press into hands to lift upper body up and off ground, into a "cobra" position. Using glutes, lift lower body into the air until you are in a "downward dog" position. Lower going through the motions opposite. Repeat.)
2) Pulsing jump squats
3) Plank with leg raises (in low front plank lift one leg up at a time very steady. Lower down with control and switch legs. Does not need to be lifted too high)
4) Pulsing jump lunges
5) Bicycles
6) Wall sit

1) Dead bugs x 12 reps
2) Russian twists x 20 reps
3) V-sit crunches x 10 reps


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