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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tuesday, September 24 United Way Boot Camp

What a beautiful evening in the river valley it was! The leaves are falling and the cool air with the sun still shining. Beautiful!

We had 19 ladies out for this sweaty workout!!
Total of 26 minutes and a little extra core at the end!

Toned on Tuesday
each exercise for 60 seconds, then repeat entire circuit 3 times

1) Jump Sumo Squats
2) Wide Push-Ups
3) Backwards Lunges
4) Army Crawl
5) Single Leg Bridge Raises (supine)
6) Speed Skaters
7) Side Plank with Leg Raise
8) Narrow Triceps Push-Ups
9) V-Sit Hold
rest for 1 minute and repeat!

Then we did one round of my core circuit!
10 Double Leg Drops
10 Reverse Crunches
10 Crunches
10 Slow Bicycles
10 Dead Bugs
10 V-Sit Crunches
10 Russian Twists
10 second Plank Hold


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