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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Team Retreat Morning Workout

I was asked to create a workout to commence our team retreat for today! It was a beautiful morning and we got to enjoy this workout outside while preparing for our great day ahead... I was so impressed by these ladies and we had a blast while we did this!

Team Sweat

20 side reach with arm extension
5 standing sun salutation series

Blood Pumping (30 seconds each)
March in place
Walking high knees (or running for an extra challenge)
Low squat shuffle (step side-to-side while holding low squat)
Squat and twist (mini-squat then as you stand, bring one leg up to meet the opposite elbow)

Stations (1 minute at each station - they worked in pairs and rotated through once)
Alternating lunges
Push-Ups (from toes or knees)
Sumo squats (wide stance)
Triceps Extension (with dumbbell behind head and elbows pointed up. Straighten elbows to lift dumbbell and lower slowly)
Standing calf raises
Biceps curls (with dumbbells)

15 cat-cow (on all fours, rounding the back down and looking up with with head and tailbone, then pushing back up towards sky while pushing through hips and shoulders to tuck belly in for concave centre)
30 second low front plank (from toes or knees)
30 seconds right side plank
30 seconds left side plank
15 full sit-ups


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