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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Postpartum Circuit

I am re-posting this workout from April 2013, as it can be intimidating to get back in to exercise after having a baby. Not only intimidating, but tricky finding the time for yourself to do so. This workout is great for strengthening and stretching muscles after baby comes and to get you back moving!

Make sure you have the "okay" from your doctor or midwife prior to exercise postpartum, especially if you have a c-section. 

Postpartum Full Body Circuit

Warm up - either a brisk walk around the neighborhood. If weather non-permitting, a series of walking lunges, stair climbs, shoulder rolls, and arm circles

15 body-weight squats
15 bent over rows with dumbbells
30 seconds walking jacks 
10/side standing cross body crunch (opposite knee to elbow)
15 triceps dips
30 seconds walking lunges
10 reverse lunges/leg
15 shoulder presses
30 slow mountain climbers
   repeat x1

10 seated pelvic floor lifts
10 supine transverse abdominal activations (TVA) - flattening the low back curve
10 slow crunches
10 cat/cows (on all fours)
10 kneeling superwomans
30 second plank (from knees)
30 second child pose
15 second side plank/side
Stretch - seated hamstring, butterfly, standing quads, chest opener...


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