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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Wednesday Pyramid Workout

It had been way too long since we met for our Wednesday Lunchtime Boot Camp! This group is truly amazing and such an inspiration. Yesterday was our first indoor workout for the Lunchtime session and it went really well. 

Wednesday Pyramid Workout

Warm Up
40 seconds skipping in place
20 seconds low jacks
repeat 3 times

Strength Building Pyramid
10 reps of everything and with each round you add an exercise
example - round 1 is squats; round 2 is squats and squat jacks; round 3 is squats, squat jacks, and back lunge with front kick, etc...)

Squat Jacks
Backwards Lunge with Forward Kick (5 per leg)
Mountain Climbers (for each 2 legs = 1 rep)
Push Ups

Core Series
10 reps each

Supine double leg drop
Reverse crunches
Dead bug
Russian twists
Plank (we did 10 second hold 1st round and 60 second hold 2nd round)
repeat 2 times


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