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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Full Body Blast Tabata

Another wonderful Tuesday Tabata class for the Get Fit for United Way campaign! Nearly a full class and we had fun through the four stations. Find the 25 minute workout below that will have you sweating and working through your entire body!

Full Body Blast Tabata
(20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest for everything)

Warm Up (4 rounds of each, alternating = 4 minutes total)
- Jumping jacks
- Burpies

Strength Stations (8 rounds of each = 4 minutes each)
- Push Ups
- Low Squat Side Steps with Resistance Band
(could hold dumbbell if no resistance band)
- Downward Dog Core Series
(downward dog position – lift right leg and bring right knee to right elbow, then back up in the air, then to left elbow, then back up in the air and then to your nose, then back up in the air. After all three, switch legs. Continue this way.)
- Backwards Lunge with Front Kick
(one leg per round, alternating each round)

Core (4 rounds of each, alternating = 4 minutes total)
- Supine toe touches 
(with legs straight up and laying on your back, then reaching right hand to left toe lifting shoulder blades off floor, return to the ground, and left hand for right toes, etc and continue)
- Supine double leg drop 
(flat on your back, with legs straight in the air and dropping the legs slowly towards the floor, as low as you can with control, return to starting position and repeat)


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