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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Baby and Me Bootcamp #7

Hello and what another beautiful week it is! We have lucked out with the weather for our weekly sessions, and despite some mosquitos today, otherwise the bugs have stayed away.

There is no post for last week (session #6), as it was the same workout as session #2. 

Today we did a full body workout with six circuits and some cardio to start, midway, and at the end. Great work ladies and babes!!

Warm Up
Walk/jog around park x1

Circuit 1⃣
Bicep curls with band
Lunge with front kick
Bicycle crunches

Circuit 2⃣

Row with band
Around the world lunges (reverse, side, forward lunges - switch legs each round)
Front kicks

Circuit 3⃣

Triceps extension with band
Pulsing squats
Leg lift crunches

Walk/jog around park x1

Circuit 4⃣
Chest press with band
Sumo squats
Toe touch crunches
Mountain climbers

Circuit 5⃣

Shoulder press with band
Jump squats

Circuit 6⃣

Push ups
Curtsy lunges
Full sit ups
Jumping jacks

CardioWalk/jog around park x1



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