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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Tabata!!

This week is our last week for round 2 of the Get Fit for United Way program! Last week the participants teased me that we were doing a Christmas-themed workout without Christmas music... This has changed for this week! We had plenty of upbeat Christmas and holiday songs to fill our ears as we worked through these exercises. 

Christmas Tabata
20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest until 8 rounds complete (4 minutes each round)

Jolly Jacks (jumping jacks)
North Poles (backwards lunges)

Christmas Tree series (alternate right and left side plank)

Jingle Bell Jumps (burpies)
Rockefeller Skaters (speed skaters)

Sleigh Ride (reverse plank)
Cheer Builders (triceps dips)

Tinsel Twists (bicycles)
Sugar Cookie Crunch (supine toe touches)

Flying Sleigh (supermans)
Snow Plows (push-ups)


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