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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wednesday, June 19 Lunchtime Boot Camp

Another great session of lunch time fitness this week with seven great people who came out! As an added bonus this week, we did the Hotel Mac stairs on the way down to the river valley and on the way up!

20 Minute HIIT Workout!

1 minute jumping jacks
30 seconds side lunges
30 seconds squats
1 minute jog in place
30 seconds burpies
30 seconds lunges
1 minute jump rope
30 seconds mountain climbers
30 seconds speed skaters
1 minute butt kickers
30 seconds lunge kicks
30 seconds squats
1 minute sprinting across platform
30 seconds side lunges
30 seconds push-ups

2 minute break


15 full sit-ups
10 slow oblique twists (leaning back)
10 second v-sit hold
plank competition!


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